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We create the opportunity for your child to shine and for you to relax. Hidden Treasures Childcare allows you to stay at ease, knowing your child is in great hands. We are dedicated to upholding our high standards and who, most importantly, love children. We help you have fewer headaches, lower costs and the best service around!


We Have An Open Door Policy With All Parents Of Enrolled Children.

Parents will have immediate access without prior notice to the center.

In situations where there is custody or domestic issues the following will apply:

  • The center must be provided with the most recent certified copy of court order and any amendments to the order, i.e. custody order, restraining order, or a protection order from abuse.
  • The center will follow the orders of the court. Deviations from the court order will only be made if there are written instructions from the custodial parent/s (joint custody will require both parent signatures).
  • If there is not a copy of a court order or a copy has not been provided to the center then both parents will have equal access to their child. By law the center may not deny access to child by parent without a court order.
  • If there is a verbal or physical conflict the Center will contact the police.


Our Commitment.

We provide your children with the best quality of care, a large and clean facility, qualified staff, and the highest rated educational programs for their future.

Hidden Treasures Policies

Parents are required to sign their children into the center on our Parent Sign in Sheet located at Hidden Treasures Childcare Center. Parent must turn their child over to center staff before exiting the center. To help decrease the spread of viruses, please assist your child in washing his/her hands when arriving in the classroom. Please don’t sneak away, but help your child become engaged in the ongoing activities in the classroom. This may require planning a few extra minutes each morning, but will greatly benefit your child’s transition into the classroom.

Parents or authorized adults are required to sign the child out of the center on the Center Parent Sign In/Out Sheet located at Hidden Treasures Childcare Center. The parent or authorized adult is responsible for supervision of the child once the child has been signed out of the center and must walk their child to the car.  Parents are requested to handle any center business (payment, conferences with director, etc) prior to checking the child out of the center.

Parents are requested to notify Center Name if a child will not be in attendance that day. This notification will assist us to more effectively maintain appropriate child staff ratios. Parents are requested to notify the center if their child is ill. This notification will assist the center to track any illnesses that may occur at the center. Information regarding illnesses will be shared on a need to know basis.

Our Commitment.

We are committed to your child’s future. Your child will discover that learning is fun, while making new friends and building strong relationships with teachers who partner with you in your child’s education.

Childcare Professionals.

Our highly trained childcare professionals keep everything running smoothly. Consider them your one-stop shop to answer your questions and get the support you need—at pick-up, drop-off, or any time. Always feel free to give them a call or stop by!

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